Opportunities are EVERYWHERE... no really!

In the early part of my career, I hustled like mad... asking questions, seeking out the decision-makers, showing my eagerness and be willing to show I was up to the job.  

After over a decade of climbing the career ladder, studying new skills and throwing myself into my job, I decided now was the time... 

I was going to become an entrepreneur.

In my first business, I carried this gusto with me and it worked for a while... before I realised I had swapped my well-paid job for longer hours, more responsibility and less money.


So I decided to switch things up and move into consulting and take these lessons with me, without the responsibility of buildings, cars, employees and hundreds of clients.

I thought that relying upon my skills and experience would bring the clients... I just needed the opportunities.

Oh how wrong was I.

The thing I hadn't appreciated was that I had come from big named brands and that had carried so much weight.

The opportunities seemed everywhere when I was employed, but now it was so much harder.

Yet in this new venture, where I now had experience in corporate operations and sales and had also run my own healthcare company, now I was venturing into new territory with no reputation and it was so much more than my experience that would land me a contract.

During that time, I had to make a significant shift, as I had unwittingly drifted into a mindset that was repelling clients and not attracting them.

I just didn't know what it was at the time...

I was waiting for people to come to me, because, after all, I had been super successful up til now.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing

It's only now, after a decade as a coach that I can evaluate what happened.

  • I had become dissatisfied with the world and unsure as to my place in it.
  • It crept up on me and took away my enthusiasm.
  • It took away my spontaneity.
  • It took away my willingness to take risks.
  • It took away my energy.
  • It took away my health.

When we go to this place, it's really hard to decide to take back your confidence and 'go again'.

So I drifted... for days, that turned into weeks, weeks into months and it certainly went into years.

I got some clients, but each one felt like a big achievement for me.

What changed?

I did...

I had to do a huge amount of inner work to rebuild my lost confidence and create a new identity that felt right and not forced.

I chose to switch the focus onto how I helped my clients and how I could show up in a much bigger way.

When I made these changes, the results were amazing... and quick - I got to the point where I chose who I worked with and how, as opposed to chasing every deal.

A client was quizzing me on this recently and she said, so I guess that you got many more opportunities.

I reflected on this for a moment and said the following...

"no - the opportunities were always there, I was just not in the right mindset or energetic match to receive them".

Upon further reflection it came to this - I was happy whether I had one or 100 clients, so long as I loved what I was doing and I could get lost in that.

The opportunities are everywhere for you too... and it might just be that you need to decide to live in gratitude right now... even if you have no clients or feel unsure how you'll grow a business as a coach.

The best part is that this doesn't need to take time, it happens as soon as you decided to be thankful and let the opportunities come to you.

How amazing would that be?

Big love,

Yvonne Williams - The Mindset Coach

Helping Coaches to Create Successful Businesses without getting lost down the rabbit hole of processes and tech



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