Make it easy for people to hire you

It's time to fill up your practice.

Oooo... what an exciting thought.

...All those people you can help.

...All those lessons you've learnt that you can now share.

Your mind starts racing... you've heard that some coaches earn, 6, 7 or even 8 figures.  WOWZER!

Your mind wanders to what you could do with that kind of money and before you know it, you're focusing less on the clients and more on yourself and your amazing new life.

This isn't wrong... it's entirely normal.

But before you've been and bought your dream house, booked a holiday or decided on the colour of your next car, I'd like to just slow you down for a moment.

In my experience, most coaches are not looking to be the next celebrity coach. 

They want to offer help and support to people who need their services and making £3-5k a month would be fabulous darling ;-)

According to Animas Coaching (Link in the comments), most coaches only earn £30-£50 an hour when starting out and progress to £150 after 3 years.

For many people, £150 an hour would be great, but if you only have a handful of clients, that number isn't going to replace your last salary.

So my question to you is...

"How easy are you making it for people to hire you?"

Until you have filled your practice, my best advice would be to coach, coach, coach and if that means sticking at the £30 - £50 p/h sessional rate - then that is where you stick UNTIL you cannot take on any more clients.

This method does a number of things...

  • It allows you to become masterful as a coach
  • It enables you to make mistakes fast and learn from them, hone and refine
  • It allows you to adopt the identity of a coach at a pace that doesn't feel rushed
  • It allows you to grow in confidence
  • It establishes your tribe
  • It allows you to refine the sign-up process
  • It allows you to test new coaching methods as you learn them

After you have filled your practice, it then gives you the chance to decide on increasing your fees.

You may also decide on a niche - but as a newbie, it's OK to be a generalist.

I hope that this gives you the confidence to go out and coach the world.

The second part of this is enabling clients to pay you on the spot.

As part of my Signature Programme, I help you build the systems to take payment face to face, over the phone or via your website - simplicity being key to this.

If you want to know more drop me a line and I'll ping over the deets of how we can work together.

Big love,

Yvonne Williams - The Mindset Coach

Helping Coaches to Create Successful Businesses without getting lost down the rabbit hole of processes and tech


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