3 Ways To Nurture Your Passion Without Quiting Your Job

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When I left my corporate job in 2004, I was a rare breed of under 30's looking for a new way of living life - away from the constraints of social expectation.

Roll forward 14 years and it seems like social media is awash with posts about quitting your job, doffing the suit and wandering off into the sunset.

Whilst this might be true, I have coached enough entrepreneurs to know that the reality is very difficult for so many... the 9-5, gets replaced by longer days, less reward and making ends meet seems to be the order of the day.

Now I don't want to burst you bubble here, because having done it myself, it has been THE most exhilerating 14 years, and this is where the BUT comes... it ain't easy and I have sat dishing out too many tissues to exhausted clients who 6 months after they 'Found Freedom', they started to panic about what they had committed themselves to.

So before you go telling your boss where to shove your job, let me share my observations about how you can balance your passion alongside work...


Here are the 3 steps I would want to get very clear with you on...

1. CLARIFY exactly what it is you see yourself doing

The obvious coaching question is - if time and money were not a factor, what would you do for a living?

But Yvonne... I need money ... yadda yadda... we all do, so stop arguing with yourself and decide to cast yourself back to being 10 years old, when you didn't know what a Direct Debit was and then answer the question from that position.


If you don't know the story of Gillian Lynn, then this is a book that will get you familiar with her. She was told she was weird as she couldn't sit still and her teachers couldn't keep her in her seat (if you haven't seen my blog on this, you must check it out here) and having seen a doctor, he assured her mother that wasn't the case, she followed her passion.


Gillian is now world renowned for being the creator and choreographer of Cats the Musical.    Check out her story in Ken Robinson's book - The Element, How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything


Once you have figured out what you want to do, it is time to write a very detailed plan as to how that will work... most people don't bother and get lost in Facebook, networking without purpose and hours on designing their logo.... perlease... give me strength here guys... that is not business it is fannying around!


2. SIMPLIFY by cutting all but necessary activities

In order to follow your passion and have time for your hobbies, it is likely that something is going to have to give.

If you are able to delegate household chores or get someone in once a week to wash, clean and iron... do it!

You need to have enough spare in your week to be able to give to be creative and you won't be anywhere near that if your ironing basket looks like Mount Etna!

I eluded to it under Clarify, but I would also advise, that within the structure of your business plan that you are strict about using your time wisely.

You will see me posts loads about this... half of your time should be on the doing, the delivery and processes and the other half should be about being creative, planning, getting your mindset in the right place and pushing through your fears. 

If you are not able to find headspace to be creative, how on earth are you going to stand out from the noise online?... (just saying, so please don't shoot the messenger)

If you see that this plan might lead to reduced working hours or resignation at some point, make sure you start cutting back on your outgoings now and start building your pot of money... I personally love T Harv Ekers Money Mindset model as he talks about pots of money going into various places each month - Listen to his audio book by clicking here.

3. ENERGISE by focusing and protecting your TIME

You need to feel able to put good energy into your new venture... this means eating well, sleeping well, drinking lots of water and when you do decide that you are going to do some work, make sure that you decide to be pro-active.

But the thing I see more than lack of well-being is a lack of good time management.

I coached a team of home based entrepreneurs recently and because they were at home, they admitted that they worked from their sofa and that they often sat with the TV, watching Lorraine while they worked... (now that is great as they may see me on there as the in-house Mindset guru! LOL), but seriously...

their attention span has just dropped from 100% focused to about 65%....

That means instead of working a 6 hour day, they would have to work a 9 hour day and then add to that having children at home, emails popping up and social media... it is possibly more like 25% attention... meaning a 2 hour task takes you all day and you feel knackered.... I know that you get this... I can feel it.

Protecting your energy is important...

Here's a tip...

choose one task, do it really well and then reward yourself with a break before going onto task 2... I have done this for the past 5 years and it has changed the way I work and is a technique that has saved me tens of thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours.

Why is I can't focus Yvonne?

If you find you can't be bothered or it feels like a chore, then listen to your subconscious and decide... either I will do this and write down all the tiny steps OR choose focus your thoughts elsewhere and come back to it again when you're in a better place.  Giving yourself permission is half of the battle, but if it is genuinely a problem, then, I would love to work with you to get your focus on.... Click on this link to book for a FREE Discovery session for face to face, telephone or skype coaching.  Sometimes a couple of sessions and people are soaring.

Hope that this has been of help to you today.

Big love,

Yvonne Williams - The Mindset Coach

Helping Coaches to Create Successful Businesses without getting lost down the rabbit hole of processes and tech



Yvonne Williams is the UK's Leading Mindset Coach and has worked with FTSE 250 CEO's, celebrities, household brands, internet marketing experts and millionaires, all of whom wanted to either 'Step Up' or 'Step Out' of corporate.  She has appeared on ITV and in the National Newspapers and is heralded as the go to person for all things Mindset and Mindset Coaching. 



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