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We've all done it... we have been surfing the net; scrolling through posts on Facebook, reading the latest findings on a subject that piques our interest, catching up the latest news or thinking about our next holiday, then a post or sponsored advert grabs our attention and we are lost down the rabbit hole of that person or business. 

They touched our souls with something they said, and we want to know more.

That is the magic of marketing when it is done right - we NEED to know more.

As coaches and consultants, it's easy to get distracted by learning how to use a new tool, or busy ourselves with non-revenue generating tasks, and only see marketing as a last resort when our magnetic personality or amazing coaching techniques haven't worked.

The truth is marketing is just as, or probably more important than your coaching.

I was slow on the uptake on this.

If I roll back to when I started out, I decided on my niche, designed a logo and strapline, a business card with a gorgeous finish and my name and a picture and a link to my £10k fancy pants website with a weekly blog, where I would write a post on what I thought was interesting.

They were all my starting point to marketing journey - a good start.

But today, I would do it all differently - I would think less about all of this and much more about how I could create the kind of marketing that makes people 'click'.

The kind of marketing where people get to know me... and here is how.

  1. Facts tell, Stories Sell.

I heard this many times before I knew it.

With so much to share from a lifetime of lessons, it is easy for us to either overshare or be guarded. 

The right balance enables your followers to decide if they resonate with you, trust you and whether you are the person that they have been looking for.

I could spend time telling you about the thousands of hours I have spent training as a coach OR I can tell you a story that helps you feel my experience as a coach and the latter will stir your emotions.

Once you know that I have walked the mile that you have - you will know that I understand you and that I may have the solution to your plight.

It would be easy to say - I had your problem and I found this to be the solution - but that does not reach your soul.

I remember learning about the Hero's Journey.  If you are not familiar with Joseph Campbell - go and take a look sometime.

The Hero's journey allows us to share the highs, the lows, going it alone, or with a coach, backsliding and being the overcomer.

Our stories also talk directly to common objections.  

When I share that I grew up in one of the poorest parts of the country, didn't get a higher education, made a tonne of mistakes in both my healthcare and coaching businesses and eventually made my business a success when I 'Stepped Up', it enables the possibilities for my clients.


  1. Be Real

Life has a way of throwing us curveballs.  

I believe it is the meaning that we give to those times that either makes us the victim or the victor.

Every time that I share a post revealing my vulnerability, as a human and business coach, it enables others to feel comfortable in being 'real' about their situation too.

But in sharing that we did not always handle things in the best way makes of relatable.

I don't mind telling people about how my husband got sick, we struggled to pay the bills, how I felt that in the midst of my darkest hour, that my friends were not there for me, as I had been for them.

Hindsight allows us to reframe those moments, but the emotions at the time were raw and often confusing.

One of the struggles I really found was deciding on my niche, as I had different parts of 'me' in conflict.  My ability to do lots of things left me being a 'Jack of All Trades' - that was confusing for me and my clients.

Yet these struggles have become the stories that show my clients that I overcame what they may be going through and that they can trust me to help them to do the same.

So, speak up and let clients know the truth of you and your heroic journey.

  1. Talk the language of clients

When we sell the process of what we do it turns people off.

Clients want to know what they will get once they work with you - they do not get overly excited about what they are going to have to do to get them there.

I had a client who has a brand styling business.

When she came to me, she was a personal stylist and sold Aloe Vera products and recruited a team to do the same and she wanted more clients for both businesses.

I had to be honest with her - what she was saying about the amazing services that she could offer were boring because they did not speak to her clients in a way that resonated with them.

All she said was 'I help you Look and feel better' - while most people may answer yes I'd like that, her messaging didn't let her followers know that they were in the right place with a person that could help them with their particular needs.

Once we got clear on what she could help the clients with... the aloe products no longer needed to be mentioned (that is the medicine) and once we established that she actually help entrepreneurs 'live their brand stylishly', we could get her message clear.

We touched on how confident they would feel.

We shared that they would attract more clients.

We shared how clients would feel when they got that result.

Once you align your message with the desires of your client, you cannot help but attract them to choose to work with you.

I hope that this helps you to reach more clients.


Big love,

Yvonne Williams - The Mindset Coach

Helping Coaches to Create Successful Businesses without getting lost down the rabbit hole of processes and tech



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