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If you WANT something different in your life, you have to be willing to DO something different… What would you want, if you knew you could not fail? What holds you back?

Why not you?

How will it be you? That's the question I help you answer and then become part of your 'transition team' to regularly ask the questions that challenge your thinking and help you recognise that even if you're already at the top, you can still go higher!

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2. Master Your Inner Game

What are the thoughts and habits you'll need to gain momentum in your business?  Join me on my NEWEST Program - THRIVE! It's totally FREE to master your inner game in relation to your practice

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About Yvonne

Yvonne Williams is the Founder and Visionary for PozStep... having chosen to rebel against the corporate path to 'success', she  started her own healthcare practice from her spare room, and went on to grow a dynamic clinical team, serving corporate clients who envied her drive to balance work and life and incorporate this into her own wellbeing programmes. 

In 2008, she was in talks to sell her business, when the financial crash happened, leaving creditors owing her tens of thousands, the deal off the table and efforts of all her hard work seem dashed.  She even started to fear that she would have to go back to a 9-5 job, just to pay her bills.

Yet, despite facing what often seemed like insurmountable hurdles, she chose to stand back up and take a 'Positive Step' toward a new challenge by retraining as a business and mindset coach and going back to entrepreneurship again.

Combining her corporate operational experience with her gritty determination, Yvonne has gone on to work with thousands of individuals who want to achieve great goals without the cost of their health or relationships.

She is married to Denis and they are parents to twin boys, born in 2019.

They live in the north of England in a Grade II Georgian House that is the perfect place for little boys to get up to mischief and for Yvonne to express her creativity through her love of interior design, especially if it involves animal print!

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